The Wide World Magazine, True Stories of Adventure, July 1929, Vol. LXIII, No. 376: Flying Thrills in Canada's Northland / A Gringo in Old Mexico

Generously illustrated with black and white photos and illustrations. Features: A "Gringo" in Old Mexico - An engineer escapes with his life, less a friend and his money; "The Old Small Cat" - Cornered by Shanghai Police, a Chinese bandit only succumbed after a 19 hour battle involving many weapons used against him - includes photos; Flying Thrills in Canada's Northland - A fascinating photo-illustrated article showing how the Far North of Canada is being opened up by passenger and transport aircraft; South African Outlaws - Two prominent law-breakers, Jack Howard and Reilly; At Grips With the Desert - Part I of Donald R.G. Cameron's crossing of the Sahara in which his party became lost for ten days; The Mud-Dwellers of Caparroso - Photo-illustrated story about this amazing Spanish village - with photos; Photo of the first three men to scale 'Balanced Rock' near Castleford, Idaho - Clarence French, George Ernest, and John Carolls; A Little Oversight - A story about a 'Palm Oil Ruffian' pioneer trader in West Africa; Something for Nothing - A queer experience that befell Margaret S. Coffman near Goatneck, Texas; "The Bobbery Pack" - A hunting story from India; Waterways of the "Swiss Sahara" - Photo-illustrated article about the fascinating 'bisses' used to divert glacial runoff to irrigate a particularly dry part of Switzerland; The Coffin Ship - A weird story from the Far East dealing with a murderous Chinese secret society; The Gold That Wasn't - A dummy gold ingot is mysteriously stolen in New South Wales; The "Great Scalp Frauds" Case - Frank Mossman, Game Warden of Pacific County in Washington State, explains how he discovered an ingenious swindle; Man and His Needs. 84 pages plus 28 pages of great ads. Backstrip entirely nibbled away. Back cover loose but present, otherwise unmarked with average wear. A worthy vintage copy of this fascinating issue.

Title: The Wide World Magazine, True Stories of Adventure, July 1929, Vol. LXIII, No. 376: Flying Thrills in Canada's Northland / A Gringo in Old Mexico

Author: McDermand, Charles; Curtis, Dean; Harley, Vivian; Montagnes, James; Chadwick, W.S.; Cameron, Donald R.G.; Newman, Bernard; Fitzpatrick, Capt. J.F.J.; Coffman, Margaret S.; Galloway, F.W.; Gribble, Francis; De Hamel, Major H. Barry; Brown, Sinclair; Mossm

Illustrator: Prater, Ernest; Holloway, Cyril; Soper, G.; Litchfield, G.; Tresilian, S.; Sindall, A.W.; Inns, Kenneth; Brock, H.M.; Holloway, Cyril; Thompson, Kenneth

Categories: Magazine Back Issues, Travel, Exploration & Adventure, True Crime,

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: New York, The International News Company: 1929

Binding: Single Issue Magazine

Condition: Fair

Size: 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall

Seller ID: 346h5273

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